Plastic Surgeon to the Stars

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K9 Magazine – Dr. Garth Fisher Interview with Rosco

garth_k9_magazineDr. Garth Fisher is a world renowned plastic surgeon who is based in California and has performed over 25000 cosmetic procedures. He brought the world of cosmetic surgery to the masses with his popular TV show ‘Extreme Makeover’. He specializes in aesthetic/cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and breasts, as well as skin rejuvenation procedures and programmes. He is a keen animal lover and chats to K9 Magazine about his loyal and faithful companion, Rosco. To read the entire K9 Magazine article featuring Dr. Fisher and his German Shepherd Rosco click here and navigate to pages 22-23.


Beverly Hills Times Father’s Day Issue 2010

Dr. Garth Fisher in Beverly Hills Times Magazine June 2010

Garth Fisher happens to be one of my favorite people. I’ve known him for years -way back when he started his practice here in Beverly Hills. Years of hard work, motivation to be the best surgeon possible, incredible skill in the operating room, an eye for the smallest detail, an iron man will to overcome obstacles and negativity, sympathetic bedside manner and generous giving nature have put and kept him at the top. Fisher is a concerned humanitarian who gives of his time and is willing to use his extraordinary surgical talent to help others. And he does it without fanfare or expecting recognition.


Insight Interview from Beyond Beauty

Q We hear that you are the “go to guy” for the “A” list celebrities… Who have you taken care of? A Confidentiality and a respect of a patient’s privacy is the back bone of my business. I am not one of those plastic surgeons that advertise and list my celebrity patients. I try my […]


2009 Chicago Tribune Article

1.What are the latest products available to your patients for Skin Maintenance? I have been working hard for the last 4 years at my Institute developing my own skin care line called CellCeuticals Biomedical Skin Treatments® which are the culmination of 15 years of scientific research! It is a very simple two step system including […]


2008 Lucid Magazine Interview

I. What patients need to know before they go under the knife? “The Naked Truth” The Award winning “Naked Truth About Plastic Surgery” 5 video/dvd collection is an incredibly comprehensive instructional series (1-2 hours each) providing critical and detailed information about common plastic surgery procedures. The series will help you understand each procedure in great […]


2008 LA Today: Getting Your Body Ready For The Summer

Warmer weather, longer days and the opportunity to dress in more revealing attire, all combine to make this seasonal rite of passage a perennial opportunity to direct attention to looking good. Cellulite, the evil nemesis of any woman in a bathing suit or shorts, is visually characterized by an “orange peel” or “dimpling” appearance of […]


2009 Fitness Magazine Interview

EFFECTS OF VITAMIN B ON THE SKIN Niacinamide is the biologically active ingredient of vitaminB3. It has antioxidant activity, and there is some evidence that it exhibits anti-inflammatory and depigmenting properties. There is also research that suggests that niacinamide modulates certain immunologic activity. The use of niacinamide has been shown to improve the texture and […]


2008 Interview Dame Magazine

The story is about easy ways to boost your sun protection. 1) Can you recommend a good antioxidant serum for someone with sensitive skin? What about oily skin? It is the vehicle of a product that makes a product acceptable for a specific skin types. i.e., a product intended for oily skin will be formulated […]


2008 Better Nutrition Interview Regarding Dry Skin

Questions from Better Nutrition: What is dry skin? (Mayo Clinic) Ordinary dry skin (xerosis) usually isn’t a very serious problem, but it can be uncomfortable, unsightly and frustrating and annoying, turning plump healthy appearing cells into shriveled and dehydrated looking ones and thus creating fine lines and wrinkles. More serious dry skin conditions, such as […]


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