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His Philosophy

Selection & Perfection

Dr. Fisher about to perform rhinoplasty on Pinocchio

The two most critical elements of Dr. Fisher’s surgical philosophy are selection and perfection. During his training and in the subsequent years, he developed judgment and absorbed techniques from many varied sources. From Dr. Fisher’s observation, there was a sense of excitement about learning the mastery of surgery, especially from those whose skills and willingness to teach was prolific.

The selection of a proper surgical candidate is at the foundation of the principles that follow:

Surgeons who have minimal selection standards are willing to operate on anyone and everyone. Their results are defined by their work. Conversely, Dr. Fisher’s surgical plan must be in concert with the goals and desires of his patient, and he must be confident that he will achieve the results intended by the patient. Their goals must be the same. If they are not, Dr. Fisher feels he has failed in his ability to communicate honestly and effectively with respect to his and his patient’s mutual objectives. That is his responsibility. He finds himself declining to perform surgery more often than he is willing to perform it. He sees this as a maturing process. In his more youthful days, he had a robust opinion of his skills. There was no operation he couldn’t perform. As wisdom and experience intersected along his surgical path, it was clear that not all patients are appropriate candidates for surgery. This was not an easy realization. Saying, “No, I don’t feel that I can help you obtain the appearance you want” was a surgical signpost for him.

Perfection—the art of precision and meticulous follow through is a mental state. Developing exactitude about one’s surgical plan and following that course until one has achieved the desired results requires a focus and a steadfast purpose. Mental deviation is not permitted.

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