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ABC's Extreme Makeover

About Extreme Makeover

Doctor Fisher was honored to be chosen as the very first plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to inaugurate the concept of reality plastic surgery television shows. As the series was initially developed, no one anticipated the enormous success of the concept, and that other spin-off network shows would follow suit.

True to its creative concept and initial intent, ABC’S "Extreme Makeover" has allowed average people from all walks of life—and from all geographic locations—to experience the opportunity to invigorate themselves and permit the process of positive change to occur.

From the outset, it was the desire of the creators of the show to present these stories in an ethical, compassionate and sensitive manner. Dr. Fisher believes those goals have been achieved and actually exceeded. Gratitude and appreciation is extended to ABC for its support and its corporate commitment to qualify medical care and patient integrity. Hundreds of talented professionals have put their heart and soul into the show’s production—among them are Creator and Executive Producer Howard Schultz, and executive producers Chuck Bangert, Louis Gorfain, Janice Biewend and Julie Laughlin.

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