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Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills

There are several tummy tuck variations, each one addressing specific issues. For most patients, a standard tummy tuck consists of surgically tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin tissue that is located above and below the belly button. It should be noted that if there is an excessive amount of fat in the belly, liposuction may be needed to ensure an optimal outcome.

A mini tummy tuck addresses mild skin laxity located below the belly button only. This variation of the tummy tuck generally does not address any bulging of the abdominal musculature.

An extended tummy tuck is performed when excess skin exists on the abdomen as well as the flanks. In this case, a longer incision is necessary to fully address all excess skin.

To help his patients make the correct decision regarding abdominoplasty, Dr. Fisher has developed a unique surgical philosophy. Rather than accepting any patient for cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills based on their ability to pay, he goes above and beyond to determine what’s truly the best course of action. After a rigorous consultation process, his surgical plan must be in coordination with his patient’s goals, and his confidence to achieve their goals must be absolute. If Dr. Fisher accepts a patient for a tummy tuck, it is because he has total confidence that he can provide among the best tummy tuck Beverly Hills has available.

Tummy Tuck Results

There is a good reason why the world’s elite trust only Dr. Garth Fisher to perform their cosmetic and body contouring procedures. He has earned his reputation as one of the best tummy tuck surgeons in the world due to his supreme technique, artistic eye and – most importantly – his exquisite, long-lasting results.

Following a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills with Dr. Fisher, you can expect to possess a firmer, younger-looking abdomen and an artfully shaped body contour. When you look in the mirror after surgery, any excess skin will have been removed and your stomach will be smooth and flat – creating a slimmer and more toned overall appearance. And the best part is, you’ll finally feel confident enough to wear form-fitting clothes and show off your stomach, because you’ll have the slender, beautiful body you’ve always wanted.

Thanks to Dr. Fisher’s meticulous nature and devotion to perfection, the end result of your surgery will also appear extremely natural. Dr. Fisher will go to great lengths to ensure that the resulting scar is minimal and easily concealed by most bathing suits and undergarments. Other than the scar, there will be no signs that you had a tummy tuck, as your abdomen will be free of any telling skin and belly button irregularities. You’ll simply look as though your stomach is naturally smooth, slim and contoured.

Your Consultation in Beverly Hills

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never fully relate a tummy tuck to you. During a consultation at Dr. Fisher’s Beverly Hills office, your plastic surgery education goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience. With Dr. Fisher’s exceptional aesthetic sense, he is known for his uncompromising assessment of your best options.

The Need for Surgical Rejuvenation

It isn’t lack of diligence at the gym or inherited genetics that is sabotaging efforts to attain a flat midsection. The bulge is most likely due to separated or stretched abdominal muscles that cause the bulging appearance in the abdomen. If there is also excess skin on the abdomen, the pouch is emphasized.

Abdominal muscle separation is called diastasis and often occurs as a result of pregnancy. Unfortunately, abdominal muscles are not very elastic—once they separate and sag, they do not shrink back. Surgery is required to reconnect the separated rectus muscles and flatten the midsection.

Properly Repositioning the Navel

An often-neglected part of abdominoplasty is recreation of the belly button. During a tummy tuck, the navel must be repositioned after the excess skin has been removed. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Fisher is a perfectionist in positioning the navel properly, with all stitches hidden under the skin, making the resultant scar completely invisible. He considers it imperative that the navel looks completely natural with no telltale stitches outlining the new position.

Minimizing Tummy Tuck Scars

Dr. Fisher personally closes every incision, as this is one of the key skills that differentiate him from other plastic surgeons around the world. He works very hard to minimize the inevitable scar that will form. During abdominoplasty an incision is made usually from hip bone to hip bone, extending very low and over the public bone to ensure the resulting scar can be well hidden by clothing. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in America, he has earned the reputation of being one of the best tummy tuck surgeons in Beverly Hills due to his ability to create a thin scar that virtually disappears over time.

Tummy Tuck FAQ

Who is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Men and women who are unhappy with their lower abdomen may benefit from a tummy tuck with the help of Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and your tummy tuck will be completely personalized to your body and your specific concerns. A mini tummy tuck may be the appropriate procedure for those who experience skin laxity below the belly button only, but a full or even an extended tummy tuck can address larger areas of excess skin and loose or split abdominal muscles.

Can a Tummy Tuck Help with Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are common after pregnancy or weight fluctuations and can leave you feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your body. A tummy tuck does not specifically target stretch marks, but many women have the majority of their stretch marks located on the lower abdomen, removed as skin is tightened during the procedure. The surgery can drastically reduce your stretch marks if they are located on the lower section of your abdomen.

How Long is the Tummy Tuck Procedure?

The duration of a tummy tuck procedure will depend on many factors, including:

  • The quantity of excess skin, fat, and tissue on the abdomen
  • Laxity of the abdominal muscles

A mini tummy tuck may take as little as one to two hours while an extended tummy tuck can take as many as four hours. When combined with other procedures such as liposuction or breast enhancement, as in a full mommy makeover, the entire surgery can take four or more hours depending on your unique situation.

Is a Tummy Tuck Painful?

The surgery itself is not painful because you will be under general anesthesia for your comfort. During recovery you may have some discomfort around the incisions, or sensitivity where your abdominal muscles were tightened. The initial pain typically only lasts for a few days and is well-managed with prescription pain medication. Slight discomfort is common throughout your recovery, but you’ll likely feel ready to resume daily activities and work after approximately a week to ten days, although this varies, patient to patient.

Will I Need Drains After My Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck can require one or two drains depending on the surgical techniques used. After the surgery, fluid can accumulate in between the layers of fat and muscle. A drain manages the excess fluid to expedite the recovery process. However, modern surgical techniques have allowed for a no-drain tummy tuck that closes off the excess space and reduces the accumulation of fluid.

What is Recovery Like After a Tummy Tuck?

Everyone’s recovery is different and, similar to the length of the procedure, your recovery time will be influenced by factors such as incision length and whether your abdominal muscles needed repair. You can typically resume light activities, such as gentle walks, after a few days and return to work after approximately one week to ten days. A full tummy tuck has a longer recovery than a mini tummy tuck procedure.

Dr. Fisher is highly regarded throughout Beverly Hills and the rest of the world not only for his surgical techniques but for his compassionate patient care. He will guide you through each step of the recovery process to help you have the flat, firm abdomen that restores your confidence in your figure.

To find out more about Dr. Garth Fisher or cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentations, facelifts, and Mommy Makeovers, please contact us today.