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Lip Contouring

Making the Right Decision

For anyone considering a lip procedure, it tends to be helpful to understand what issues may be corrected. To assist with that, we’ve listed some conditions effectively corrected by Dr. Fisher’s lip expertise:

  • Genetically thin lips
  • Lips that have become thin through the aging process
  • Naturally large lips that are disproportionate
  • Artificially enhanced lips that are too large
  • Any deformity caused by a previous surgery
  • Cleft lip deformity

When it comes to determining candidacy, Dr. Fisher has a particular surgical philosophy. Instead of simply accepting his patients’ money and performing whatever procedure they demand, he goes through a rigorous consultation process to help him perform the best lip augmentation Beverly Hills and the world have available. Following the consultation, his surgical plan must be in coordination with his patient’s goals, and he must be confident that he can achieve such results. If Dr. Fisher accepts you for cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, it is because decades of experience have shown him he can truly get the results you want.

Your Consultation

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never fully relate the procedure to you. During a consultation with Dr. Fisher in his Beverly Hills office, your lip enhancement education goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience. With a series of examinations and his exceptional aesthetic sense, Dr. Fisher is known for his uncompromising assessment of the best options for you. Finally, you may not realize that there are other procedures to help you achieve the look that you want. Perhaps lip contouring is not the answer nor the only answer. Dr. Fisher is here to listen to your individual concerns and custom tailor a procedure or set of procedures to get you to the self-image you have been dreaming of. He may suggest his popular face lift Beverly Hills clients have been falling in love with for years if your main goal is to reverse the clock a few years. No matter what your area of concern is, Dr. Garth Fisher is dedicated to listening to his patient, educating them, and presenting them with the best options before making any final decisions.

To find out more about Dr. Garth Fisher or cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentations, facelifts, and Mommy Makeovers, please contact us today.