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Dr. Fisher's Patient Review in Elle Magazine - Logo

"As the most sought after plastic surgeon in LA, Garth Fisher is a modern-day Da Vinci."

Dr. Fisher's Patient Review on Oxygen - Logo

"Choosing a doctor was easy. Every physique model, fitness competitor and Playboy bunny in town echoed the mantra of Dr. Garth Fisher. Revisions, lifts, reductions, implants, reconstructions—he did them all and did them well. It seemed like everyone in LA passed through his office at some point."

Dr. Fisher's Patient Review in Los Angeles Magazine - Logo

"A list of more than 600 top physicians-in dozens of critical specialties-voted the finest by their peers. Keep a copy next to your medicine cabinet! Dr. Garth Fisher was the creator of some of the famous “Baywatch” bosoms!"

Dr. Fisher's Patient Review in GQ Magazine - Logo

"Like the rest of L.A.’s top practitioners, Fisher doesn’t talk about his patients by name, famous or otherwise. The way these things get around in a company town, however, it’s known that his A-list is very, very A."

"Dr. Garth Fisher, internationally renowned plastic surgeon, quickly earned a reputation for excellence among patients as well as his peers. He has worked on many of the most celebrated faces and bodies in the world."

Women on Top

The Naked Truth Series

I knew nothing about plastic surgery prior to meeting Dr. Garth Fisher. His instructional skills and rapport with patients are equally matched with his skills as a master surgeon. The Naked Truth Series is the natural extension of Dr. Fisher’s remarkable abilities as both a surgeon and a teacher.

-Howard Schultz, Creator and Executive Producer of “Extreme Makeover”

The Naked Truth provides the in depth story behind the most of the procedures performed on Extreme Makeover... and far beyond. Dr. Fisher has created a visual encyclopedia of plastic surgery today and tomorrow, and has produced it with the same gifts he brings to his practice: surgical precision and artistic flair.

Charles Bangert & Louis Gorfain, Executive Producers of “Extreme Makeover”

In my practice I am very often asked questions concerning cosmetic surgery, the implications, risks and benefits. Now I have a viable resource to refer potential patients to, in The Naked Truth series. In my professional opinion, anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery should inform themselves with this series. Dr. Fisher provides the vehicle for an informed and well-educated decision. The potential patient has been given a valuable tool.

Michael Thurmond President & CEO, Body Makeover Systems Inc.

After being selected as a patient on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”show, I was asked to watch the “Naked Truth about Plastic Surgery” video series covering the procedures I was having. These videos were incredibly informative! They made me feel very comfortable about my surgery. I recommend them for anyone considering plastic surgery.

Kine Corder, Patient, Extreme Makeover

I was glad that I got to review these videos prior to having my surgery with Dr. Fisher on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” show. Seeing hundreds of before and after pictures, graphics, illustrations, and demonstrations really helped me understand the procedures and all the options that I had. It helped that I could review these over and over again privately. I wasn’t so nervous and I was able to remember so much more! I definitely recommend these tapes to anyone even thinking about having plastic surgery!

Tammie Guthrie, Patient Extreme Makeover

Although I was given a lot of information about my upcoming surgical procedures, nothing compares to the quality of information I received from the “Naked Truth about Plastic Surgery” videos. I was able to review the videos several times to help understand things better, and remember things that I had forgotten! I really had a much better picture of what my expectations should be!

Dave Patteson, Patient, Extreme Makeover

The Naked Truth about Plastic Surgery” video series is a first of its kind resource for patients interested in cosmetic plastic surgery and the best single source of honest and accurate information on procedures to rejuvenate to face I know of. Internationally renowned plastic surgeon Garth Fisher provides detailed, expert advice in an easy to follow format that can be viewed and reviewed in the privacy of one’s own home. The Naked Truth sets a new standard in helping patients make an informed decision and is recommend viewing for any patient who might be interested in cosmetic surgery.

Timothy J Marten, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Textbook Author and Expert on Facelift Surgery San Francisco, California

As a cosmetic dentist I am aware of the apprehension patients often experience before a procedure. The Naked truth series answers all of the questions a patient might have and shows a plethora of before and after cases along with a comprehensive explanation of each procedure. Inot only recommend this series for interested patients but it should be required reading so all patients can make the best-informed decision on what procedures they desire.

William M Dorfman DDS, Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Century City, CA

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