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Breast Augmentation With Breast Lift

Determining candidacy for breast augmentation with breast lift

Patients pursue a combination breast surgery for a variety of reasons, ranging from a desire to reform their post-pregnancy figure to resculpting the physique after major weight loss. Generally, a good candidate for the dual procedure will have sagging, deflated breasts with nipples that face downwards and dip below the breast crease. Breast symmetry may be compromised as well. Clients anticipating the procedure should be physically and mentally healthy, and have appropriate expectations based on information gleaned during their in-depth consultation with Dr. Fisher in Beverly Hills.

While Dr. Fisher always strives to fulfill his patients’ wishes and goals in every way, there are those that he may discourage from a breast augmentation with breast lift. Clients who wish to become pregnant in the future, or who are planning to lose weight should hold off until a later date. Additionally, capsular contracture in clients with a history of breast augmentation should be addressed prior to undergoing any revision implant surgery.

Clients with serious medical issues such as hemophilia, diabetes or hypertension may find themselves at higher risk for complications from combined breast surgery.

Lastly, patients that smoke are encouraged to quit at least one month before attempting a breast augmentation with lift, as this habit can create a host of potential complications, including poor wound healing, infection and reduced blood flow.

What type of implants?

Silicone vs. Saline -- Dr. Fisher works with both options, and can help determine the best choice during your consultation. In general, silicone implants are selected for their authentic look and feel, and are appropriate for women making the jump to a large cup size. Saline implants are chosen because they boast a lower rate of capsular contracture, require less invasive incisions, and tend to be more affordable. During your consultation, Dr. Fisher will thoroughly go over the various types of breast implants and their pros/cons. In the meantime, you can do some research yourself and learn more about them on Dr. Fisher's website. Just click the button below.

Learn more about breast implants

What type of breast lift incisions?

Standard Anchor lift

Here the doctor will excise skin and fat through an incision shaped like an upside down ‘T’. The incision encircles the areola, then runs down the breast vertically, and finally horizontally along the breast crease. This approach, similar to the one used during breast reduction, is best suited for those with more severe breast ptosis (sagging) and nipples that hang below the bottom of the breast, as it affords the doctor adequate access for resculpting.

Lollipop lift

During the lollipop lift, the doctor creates a vertical incision running from the areola downwards towards the breast crease. He can then recontour the angle of the breast and adjust the nipple to a more attractive position.

Benelli lift

Also referred to as a donut lift, the Benelli lift requires only a small incision around the areola, which is hidden by its dark pigment. This technique is usually chosen for clients with mild breast ptosis, smaller cup sizes and for those in whom the preservation of nipple sensation is a primary concern.

What about implant placement?

There are two traditional placements for the breast implant: the first is subglandular, meaning on top of the pec muscle, and the second is submuscular, meaning underneath the pec muscle. Most surgeons tend to favor the latter, as it results in a lowered risk of capsular contracture, sustained shape and fewer instances of implant rippling. However, a frank discussion of the best placement is an important component of your consultation, and during this time Dr. Fisher will make his best recommendation for your lifestyle, body type and goals.

What can I expect from the surgery?

Beverly Hill breast augmentation with breast lift patients can expect to be in surgery for 1-3 hours, depending on the complexity of their procedure. Clients receive general anesthesia from a caring, board certified anesthesiologist in an accredited outpatient facility.

Breast augmentation with breast lift is often part of a Mommy Makeover, one of Dr. Fisher’s specializations. During this extended combination treatment, the client may also undergo liposuction, a tummy tuck and facial rejuvenation. If you are interested in pursuing such an exciting full body transformation, Dr. Fisher will be delighted to explain your options in detail during your initial consultation.

What will recovery entail?

Soreness, tenderness and discomfort in the breasts is to be expected after combination surgery, but these ailments are comforted by pain medications which the doctor will prescribe as part of your complete aftercare regimen. After your bandages are removed (usually in the first week), you may be asked to wear a support garment that facilitates your speedy healing and helps the breasts to keep their new shape during recovery. Most accompanying swelling will dissipate within 2 weeks. Clients can hope to return to exercise at around 3 weeks post-op, but most are back at work within 7-10 days.

Your Consultation in Beverly Hills

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never fully relate the procedure to you. During a consultation with Dr. Fisher, your breast augmentation education goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience. With Dr. Fisher’s exceptional aesthetic sense, he is known for his uncompromising assessment of the best options for you, and for providing among the best breast augmentation with lift Beverly Hills and the world have to offer.

To find out more about Dr. Garth Fisher or cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentations, facelifts, and Mommy Makeovers, please contact us today.